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Why You Should Tip An Uber Drive


Uber has made life a lot easier for commuters as they provide a more luxurious and exclusive experience that is arguably second to none. This service is made possible by its fleet of drivers of are often professional and treat riders like kings and queens. So the question here is “Do You Tip An Uber Driver”? The obvious answer is yes because they provide a service like every other person but a lot of people will kick against this idea. So, in order to buttress this point, here are five reasons why you should tip your Uber driver.

Uber Drivers Earn Very Little

Contrary to popular beliefs, Uber drivers don’t make a lot of money compared to yellow taxi or cabucabu drivers especially after taxes, insurance, maintenance and other expenses are taken into consideration. Thus, they are often left with next to nothing to compared to their colleagues in other sectors.

Uber Takes 20 Percent

The fact that uber takes up to 25% of the profit of drivers is enough reason to chip in a few naira when you ride with an Uber who gives you great value for your money. Tipping the drivers extra dollars that is commission free will make a difference in their final take home income. Because without these drivers, you probably will be paying more for a yellow taxi or any other expensive luxury taxi drivers so it wouldn’t hurt to say thank you with your cash.

Uber drivers Don’t Get Maintenance Grants

Uber doesn’t reimburse drivers for the maintenance of their vehicles and gas prices are not as cheap as it used to be so in essence the driver bear the brunt of keeping their vehicles on the road. While Uber takes home the profit even when there is a surge in prices. Also, most drivers acquire new model vehicles just to put in on Uber and they can’t get back their investment if they only stick to the “shared commission” from Uber.

It’s their full-time job.

A large chunk of drivers are full time drivers due to the harsh economic condition so in essence they are doing a job that comes with little or no extra benefit. When even the lowest minimum wage earner has access to healthcare and dental benefits when they are work on a full-time basis.

It’s A Hard Job

In order to get ahead as Uber driver, you literally have to put in the required job on almost a 24-hour basis because that’s the only way they can meet up with the demand of Uber riders. Who sometimes have terrible characters that they have to put up with on a daily basis. So, it really wouldn’t hurt to tip them a little because even though they are just doing their jobs, they are making our live a lot easier one ride at a time.


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