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Uber: See Details On Uber’s New App


In a bid to solidify its place in the ride sharing business in Nigeria and the world, premium car hailing service is set to release a new version of its app and here is what you need to know about the new Uber app.

The User interface will no longer start from “SET PICKUP LOCATION” like it does now. Instead, users will get a “Where to?” box in which they will input their destination.

Users will be able to connect their contacts to the Uber app and make any of their contacts their destination. Uber will send a note to the contact asking them to share their location and then show the driver that information.

Furthermore, Uber is incorporating into the new rider app is shortcut prediction. The app will learn from your ride routine and make shortcut suggestions based on your location and time of day.

You will also be able to link your calendar to Uber to make the shortcut prediction even smarter. The app will use your itinerary to predict the shortest routes to get to all your destinations.

The new app will also give you the opportunity to compare rides upfront before starting your trip. The idea is that if you have had an impromptu adjustment to that journey (maybe your friends suddenly show up and now you need more seats), you can take care of that before starting your trip. This feature will vary from country to country but the basic premise is the same.

At certain times, the app will also give easy walking directions to nearby locations that will be easier for drivers to get to. That way, riders and drivers don’t have to spend more money and time calling each other in areas that are not so easy for drivers to reach.

You will also be able to manage your trip in one place. Once you request a ride, you’ll be able to view your driver’s details, track their arrival on the map, change your destination, split payment with friends, and also share your route in real time – all from one place.

Uber has also partnered with Pandora, so you can play music directly from the Uber app; Snapchat, so you will be able to unlock exclusive Snapchat filters; and Foursquare, so you will be able to get local tips.

Uber also says it will be bringing more extras into the app as time goes on. Get ready, your Uber experience is about to get a whole lot different. Uber also recently redesigned its wordmark and logo.

Hopefully,this new changes will help increase the patronage of Uber in Nigeria as the company has been experiencing some difficulties over the last one year.

Culled from: Pulse

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