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The Pros and Cons Of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality

Tech without a doubt the new oil and its rise are due to the fact it has been able to connect people in more ways than we didn’t even envisage.


Tech has broken boundaries and it is still breaking more with new innovations from industry leaders like Micro soft, Amazon, Apple, Samsung Facebook and the likes.
One of the new innovations of the tech world is virtual reality. Virtual reality got its name from the two words that it represents “virtual” and “reality” and it basically means “near reality” and can be defined as a -dimensional, computer generated and created an environment that can be virtualized, explored and connected with an individual.

Virtual reality places the individual in this environment and gives him the ability to control and manipulate the things around him by his actions or movement.
Virtual Reality has redefined and in some cases changed the idea of interaction, communication, and expanded the way people connect to the internet and it is seen as the next big thing. But as we all know technology has its strong points and draw backs and here will be looking at the pros and cons of virtual reality.
• Virtual Reality has made it easier for people to get training in high-risk jobs without being in a position of getting hurt. professions like medicine, aviation, law enforcement and construction.
• Virtual reality has given some disabled people the chance to experience the things that they normally wouldn’t have gotten a chance to experience due to their condition.
• Virtual Reality has made tourism a lot easier and has given people the chance to visit places without leaving the comfort of your home.
• Virtual Reality gives people the opportunity to experience real life issues as if they were there in person
• Virtual reality promotes better online communication

However, in spite of the great advantages that are involved in using Virtual Reality, it has some cons which has impeded it’s growth and these are;
• Its tools are expensive to acquire thus it is only a select few that have access to it
• It would end up alienating people even further
• It can promote illegality as there are currently no law guiding its usages thus far
• Virtual reality can lead to addiction in humans the same way many have become addicted to social media. And make them abandon other important responsibilities.
• Some people have developed motion sickness that has traced back to the use of VR headset.
• It can lead to physical injuries as users are often not aware of the changes in their physical environment when using Virtual reality devices.

So while we all know that virtual reality is still in its early stage. The best we can do is to keep an open mind and gives the technology a chance to make an impact in our lives.

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