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Petrol Tanker Fire Kills 2, Destroys Several Cars In Lagos

At least two people have lost their lives in an accident involving a petrol tanker at Coconut bus stop in Apapa, Lagos and caught fire.

According to research reports, over 29 vehicles that were parked in a mechanic workshop close to the scene of the accident bridge were burnt.

The fire was reportedly started by miscreants who gathered around the tanker – which fell at about 8pm, to scoop fuel into jerrycans. They were reportedly running away from the scene when a jerrycan fell from one of them and subsequently caught fire.

One of the mechanics in the area, Friday Asuquo, said five vehicles brought by his customers for repairs were destroyed by the inferno, which raged for about two hours.

“Apart from a Toyota Matrix, three Jeeps of different brands, and a Big Daddy Toyota brought by my customers were burnt. One of my customers has come, I am still expecting others to come for us to discuss. About 30 vehicles were burnt in this workshop. Some have been removed.”

Another mechanic, Shola Adebayo said four of his customers’ vehicles – Toyota Sienna, Toyota Camry, a pick-up and ML – were razed.

“It was a great loss to me and I don’t know what to tell the owners of the vehicles. My income is not enough to cater to my family; but I believe God is in control.

“Two of those scooping fuel suffered serious burns, but I don’t know whether they are alive or dead,” he added.

A member of a union at the garage, Suleyman Olanrewaju said,

“Speeding caused the accident. Then hoodlums began to scoop fuel from the tanker. Some people tried to chase them away. In the process, one of them fell while running away with the fuel in a jerrycan and it resulted in the fire. The boy was caught in the fire and was rushed to a hospital. I am not sure that he will survive.”

The fire service director, Rasaq Fadipe, said the driver had wanted to negotiate a sharp bend under the bridge, adding that firefighters from four stations were deployed to put out the fire.

He said, “The vehicle might have just left a depot and was going towards Mile 2. The driver lost control of the vehicle and the tanker fell, resulting in an explosion.

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