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Movie Review: American Driver


When I opted for American driver instead of the popular Logan it didn’t seem weird because Nigerian movies are not doing so bad and I wanted some more dose of Nollywood. I parted ways with N2500 ( d money pain me I no go lie), got my sugar infested popcorn which I almost finished before the movie even started and got ready to be thrilled. So, here’s my honest review for you;

Average Cinematography

The cinematography wasn’t too bad but honestly it could have been better given the standard of the Nollywood movies in recent times. But the fact that the movie was shot almost 2 years ago probably explains why it wasn’t top notch. But one thing that I just couldn’t deal with was the bad audio quality that popped up a couple of times. Like it was so noisy that I felt like I was watching a class Z Aba made Nollywood movie.

Too promotional and Over Dragged Scenes
If this movie was named the American and GIAMA it wouldn’t have been out of place because I felt like I was watching a promo for the awards given the annoyingly unnecessary number of times they mentioned the awards (couldn’t they just keep it down?) and also some scenes dragged on for way tooooo long. Like the interview scene lost any form of “funny” because they just wouldn’t let it be and we all know if you are trying too hard to be funny, you will always fall flat.

Evan King Killed It

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In the past and recent Nollywood movies it seems the benchmark for hiring a foreign actor is based on white their skin is (Oyinbo prince and co). But the lead actor Evan King did a kickass job because he literally carried this movie on his shoulders. He was goofy, believable and crazily funny without trying too hard, with some funny lines like “what does the grace of God really mean?”. He had an incredible chemistry with Jim Iyke who also showed why he reigned supreme in Nollywood some years back. At least for the first time in a long while we didn’t hire a “talentless” white guy.

Unnecessary Extras and Clear Direction

If you are going to see this movie because of the actors blasted on the posters you will be very disappointed because they only played paltry roles in the movie and some of their scenes were not necessary and the movie wouldn’t have been better off without some of them. But eh you can’t argue against star power in promoting a movie.

The movie also didn’t have a clear direction but the idea of a comedy is to make people laugh right?

Final Verdict

American Driver is a really funny movie and it would be hard to watch this movie with a straight face. So if you have a few thousands to spare go watch this movie but don’t expect the razzmatazz that has become synonymous with movies that make it to the cinema. It’s just a feel good movie that is way better and not disjointed like Ay’s A Trip To Jamaica.

Score: 4:10

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