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5 Reasons Why Phyno Is Nigeria’s Best Hip hop Artiste

Rap they say is an art and the language of the street but often in Nigeria. The debate has been more about the language one flows in rather than what the MC represents, his flows, lyrics and other more attributes.
This is why we have different camps containing “local rappers” and the “true MCs”. However, if Hip Hop is truly the language of the street then it should be about who represents that culture and in this piece we will be reviewing why we have come to the conclusion that Phyno is Nigeria’s best rapper.

Street Credibility

Asides from the likes Olamide and Reminisce, no other rapper has the level of Street Credibility that Phyno has. Phyno has been able to break boundaries even though he raps predominately in his mother tongue. If you go to the streets of Ojuelegba folks are listening to his music, the same goes for the elites in Abuja and that’s because even though they can’t totally understand what he is saying, he connects with them.

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